Buying cheese online!

Dear visitor,

I am sorry to say the web shop is not online any longer.

Of course we can send cheese by mail.

It is available in pieces of app. 450grams for €8/each.

International shipment for 2kg is €25.

International shipment for 5kg is €35.

International shipment for 10kg is €60.


- Young dutch Gouda cheese (2-4 weeks) is available:

plain, cayenne pepper, garden herbs, pesto, garlic&onion, piri piri & truffle.


- Old Gouda original (12months)

- Smoked cheese is available:

plain, pepper, garden herbs or with ham.


Best regards, Jeroen Leek

Irene hoeve

Cheese & Clogs

Hoogedijk 1

1145PM Katwoude

the Netherlands